nTiled Documentation

nTiled is an openGL viewer that implements tiled and clustered shading as well as a novel technique named hierarchical shading. It is written to evaulate the time and space complexity of said algorithms.

nTiled is written as part of my thesis in order to obtain my masters in computer science at KU Leuven.

How this document is organised

Over time nTiled has grown significantly in size. In order to ensure the usefulness of this project, this documentation is organised in four sections:

  • Motivation describes in depth the use case of this project as well as provide links to the data generated by this project and the actual text written.
  • Getting Started describes how to get this project running.
  • Structure of the Project provides a high level overview of the project as well as several class diagrams.
  • The nTiled API reference section describes in depth the classes and functions of this project.

Furthermore the thesis text and additional data are housed at the following repositories:

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